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Global Health Claim Services, Inc.(TPA) is located in Miami, Florida. We are a third party administrator company which commenced operations in 1997 for foreign health insurance companies as a full health benefit administrator assisting out of USA territory insured’s to come to the United States to receive medical treatment. This unique and highly developed expertise inHealth Claims Administration and complete full knowledge of Health Policies is what makes Global Health Claim Services one of South Florida's most trusted benefits administrators.
To ensure thorough and prompt accurate settlements of claims, our experienced analysts use state-of-the-arts claims management software. These state-of-the-art systems enable Global Health Claim Services to accommodate virtually any plan parameters, co-payment levels or deductibles as well as tracking for Coordination of Benefits, Subrogation, applying benefits limitations and exclusions resulting in prompt claims processing, excellent customer service, Manage Care, Utilization Review, Precertifications, an extraordinary provider relations which have a great impact in the moneys saved to our Clients. These savings are described as “Real Savings”.

Global Health Claim Services is committed to provide reliable management services to reinsurance companies, fully insured employers, as well as self-insured employers. Our team of experienced professionals will help you achieve higher productivity, superb quality of service and unmatched customer service.

New products and marketing require a clear picture of current and potential markets, which will enable insurance companies to provide service, products that address demand, minimize risk and reduce claims loss ratio. Our services will not only reduce your overall health benefit expenses, but will also integrate a claims processing capability using highly qualified claim auditors for
claims administration which will result in a decrease in cost and overhead operational expenditures.

Overall Global Health Claim Services Staff offers a unique combination of skill sets, experience and knowledge. In closer examination one can see that each member has clinical, operational and financial education, training and experience. These three critical key elements present a combination of talents, abilities and sensitivities necessary to effectively integrate the individual concerns and challenges of healthcare today. To truly strike a balance between clinical efficacy and economic feasibility one must clearly understand the complex dynamics of each discipline, and by so doing, one can achieve quality cost effective healthcare.
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